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Iris | She lives in a shell that feels like hell| She treats her blog as her treasure chest, where she can fill it with thousands of good and mostly bad memories| She wants to be with the stars tonight | shattered | dying

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My Beautiful Failure

I am now at the 111th page of this book. Wala kasing number of chapters na nakalagay. Pero nasa Part II na ko. So far, nagagandahan naman ako sa flow ng story, nakakarelate e. naakit talaga ko nung title eh, and hindi naman ako disappointed sa nababasa ko. Pero eto nanaman ako, mahilig mag-jump into coclusions, parang alam ko na tuloy maiging flow ng story, pag ako nagandahan pa rin, it only means na maganda talaga ung book, kasi kahit alam ko na, naaapektuhan pa rin ako. haha.
Sana kagaya nung nasa book, meron ding nage-exist na suicide hotline, para kapag walang wala akong makausap, isang dial lang, tenen ! instant kausap. sana talaga meron :(

Posted on 28/Dec/13 Reblog