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Iris | She lives in a shell that feels like hell| She treats her blog as her treasure chest, where she can fill it with thousands of good and mostly bad memories| She wants to be with the stars tonight | shattered | dying

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All images and notes found in my blog are all mine except for those I reblog. Similarities and copying of any content in my blog without any permission is strictly prohibited. If you will use any of the content in this blog, you must give me some credits or use my blog as the source. Thank you for understanding. Good day and God bless !

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Good Vibes HERE


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I will still love you
even on those moments
that I am so tired
to do anything else.

I will still love you
even on those moments
that I can’t even seem
to love myself.

I will still love you
even on those moments
that I want to give up
on breathing.

I will still love you
even on those moments
that you want me
to stop doing it.

I will still love you
even on those moments
that you told me that i was just a game you played.

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  • Bestfriend: What's wrong with you? Do you like seeing her cry? Do you feel bliss every time you break her heart?
  • Him: no...
  • Bestfriend: Then why do you hurt her all the time? Cancelling dates with her just to drink with friends. Never texting her where the hell are you, not even answering her calls even though you know how worried she is. Scolding her for being a little strict when it comes to your private phone conversations. Making her feel like she is in the wrong place all the time. Getting cold with her when she's jealous. Not even bothering to run after her when she walks away, crying. How could you do that to her? She is your girlfriend, dude. She's the only who sticks by your side and stays when everyone leaves you because you're an arse. She's the only one who puts up with you, says sorry even if she is not the one at fault, cheers you up, makes you feel loved, gives you so much of herself, time, attention and affection. She isn't some toy. She is human, a girl. She has feelings that you should not play around with. She is fragile but she acts tough because she wants to fight for what you both have. It breaks her every time she sees your hand laced with another girl's hand, every time you make her feel that she will never being enough yet she still stays. She made a fool of herself by staying. Everyone says you're not good for her but she never listened. All she sees is you. All she wants is for you to being happy and contented and satisfied with her. If you can't commit to her, leave her so that she'd stop hurting because of you. Tell her that you can't meet her demands. Break her heart this time ajd have no regrets about it because you are giving her the chance to find and be with someone who would treat her better, make her happy, and love her so much.
  • Him: But I don't want to lose her. I love her.
  • Bestfriend: No, you don't. You don't hurt the people you love all the time.

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Oo. Nkta ko sya nung pumunta ko nung tuesday. Okay na okay sya. May iba na nga sya db? Stop it na. Ako yung nasasaktan para sayo e


- R

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Hindi nalog-out ng kapatid ko yung fb account niya. So I got curious, gusto ko lang naman kasi siyang kamustahin, kaya tinignan ko yung timeline niya. And there I saw his post “I miss her :(” my heart crushed again. Okay na pala siya, kaso malungkot kasi may namimiss siya. Hay, napakabilis pala talaga niya mag-move on. Sabagay, wala namang dapat ika move on. So ayun, masaya naman na ata siya. Sana naman seeryosohin niya na yun kung seryoso din yung girl, at kung trip lang niya, sana trip lang din nung girl. Para fair. Hindi naman ako nasasaktan eh, maybe, i just care ? Care too much ? Sana soon, maging “cared” na to.

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self harm blog, trigger warning


self harm blog, trigger warning

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